The Golden Mile is a string of sumptuous villas which were built along the Via Regia delle Calabrie during the eighteenth century.
Among the 22 beautiful residences, which were lately restored,  the most famous ones are Villa Campolieto, designed by Luigi Vanvitelli, one of the most important architects of the eighteenth century,  Villa Aprile, which was transformed into a hotel and the prestigious Villa Favorita, a work by Ferdinando Fuga. Villa Favorita was chosen in 1768 to celebrate the marriage of the Bourbon king, Ferdinand IV and the Austrian archduchess Maria Carolina. The property belonged to the Prince of Aci who decided to offer the dwelling to the royal family as a wedding gift. The Queen really appreciated the gift as the villa reminded her of her home place, the Schonbrun Palace in Vienna. The residence was consequently named the "Favorita".

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